If you love your dog or cat and want to ensure they get the best care possible, a pet health insurance policy can be a valuable tool.

In exchange for a monthly premium, you’ll receive security and protection from exorbitant veterinary costs if your beloved pet becomes sick or injured.

While there are many pet insurance companies out there, Pets Best sets itself apart from the pack by offering policies with unlimited annual coverage and a wide range of deductible and reimbursement options.

With Pets Best, you can choose a policy that’s affordable for your budget while also making sure your pet receives the best care money can buy.

Pets Best Pet Health Insurance: The Basics

Pets Best offers accident and illness plans to cover cats and dogs. These policies will pay your actual veterinary bill if your pet becomes ill or injured for a covered condition, which can help you save money and reduce stress.

Pets Best offers multiple levels of coverage that you can tailor to your needs, including an Accidents Only policy option that provides emergency pet insurance in the event your pet is injured on accident, such as through a snake bite, accidental swallowing, or a broken leg from a fall.

You can also add special coverage to your pet insurance policy, such as EssentialWellness or BestWellness routine care coverage.

These add-ons cost an additional premium but pay for routine care your pet needs all year long.

Routine care typically includes items such as vaccinations, wellness checkups, and teeth cleaning.

You don’t have to pay your deductible for routine care coverage, and your plan kicks in the day after you enroll.

These add-ons won’t necessarily help you save money, but they can make budgeting for routine pet care easier and a lot more predictable.

What Does It Cover?

There are a lot of considerations to account for when you buy pet insurance.

Like all other pet insurance companies, Pets Best offers a list of included items on their website.

These included conditions are covered by most Pets Best policies:

  • Accidents
  • Most illnesses
  • Cancer treatments
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Emergency care, hospitalization, and surgery
  • Prescription medicines
  • Ongoing and chronic conditions
  • Diagnostics
  • Dental coverage
  • Prosthetic devices
  • Pet wheelchairs
  • Behavioral conditions
  • Euthanasia
  • Coverage while traveling

Pets Best also has no upper age limits for coverage, meaning you can enroll your pet in a policy no matter how old they are.

Also, keep in mind Pets Best coverage is available whether your pet is spayed or neutered, or still intact.

While Pets Best policies include the conditions above, you can also tailor your policies to include more treatments you may need for your pet.

Optional coverage includes:

  • Exam fees
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic treatments
  • Prescription medicine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Wellness and routine care

While Pets Best covers almost any condition your pet might face, their policies come with exclusions.

This includes pre-existing conditions, which Pets Best defines as illnesses or injuries which began to occur prior to your policy taking effect or during the waiting period.

However, Pets Best also maintains that some conditions, like kennel cough or a broken leg, can be healed and covered. If the injury or illness gets healed or cured, it will not be considered a pre-existing condition.

In addition to pre-existing conditions, the following are excluded from Pets Best pet health insurance plans:

  • Elective or cosmetic procedures such as tail cropping or feline declawing
  • Parasites including testing, treatment, and prevention
  • Non-veterinary expenses
  • Food, special diets, vitamins, and supplements
  • Herbal, holistic, and experimental treatments and therapies that are rare or uncommon (chiropractic care, acupuncture, cold laser therapy, hydrotherapy, and physical therapy are covered)

How Does Pets Best Insurance Work?

Pets Best Pet Health Insurance policies work similarly to human health insurance in the sense that you pay a monthly premium in exchange for help with veterinary bills caused by an injury or illness.

Getting started with a policy is a simple process since there is no upfront exam required to get your pet covered.

You start by getting a quote online, and you can get coverage started for your pet the day after you pay your first premium.

Once your pet is covered, it’s your responsibility to submit claims along with a copy of covered veterinary bills to Pets Best within 180 days.

Pets Best promises to reimburse you for bills within 5 business days and they even offer direct deposit.

In the event of especially pricey care requiring upfront payment, Pets Best will even work with you to pre-approve your bills in some cases.

This helps you avoid a situation where you’re paying exorbitant pet care bills upfront and waiting to be reimbursed.

Pets Best also makes it easy to view your account details, submit claims, or check on claims via their website or mobile app.

How Much Does Pets Best Pet Insurance Cost, On Average?

How much you’ll pay for your pet insurance policy depends on the type of pet you have, its breed, age, and your location, among other factors.

As a result, it’s hard to give an average price for their premiums.

However, here are the different plans to give you a general idea of benefits:

 Essential– Optional benefits not included
– Unlimited annual coverage
Plus– Includes coverage for accident & illness exam fees
– Unlimited annual coverage
Elite– Includes coverage for accident & illness exam fees and rehab
– Unlimited annual coverage

Based on these plans, here’s a sample price breakdown:

Five-year-old mixed breed dog, 20 to 55 pounds$29.91 per month$34.89 per month$36.51 per month
One-year-old large mixed breed dog, 90+ pounds$22.19 per month$25.88 per month$27.08 per month
Seven-year-old mixed breed cat$20.23 per month$23.60 per month$24.70 per month

While the quotes above give you a general idea of how much Pets Best Pet insurance might cost, there are several details you can tweak to purchase more (or less) coverage.

You can opt for $5,000 in annual coverage instead of unlimited coverage to save money, for example.

You can also choose a deductible from $50 to $1,000 based on how much you want to have to pay before your coverage kicks in.

Finally, you can choose to be reimbursed at 70%, 80%, or 90% of each of veterinary bill after your deductible is paid for the year.

Do You Need Pet Insurance?

After comparing several pet insurance companies this past year, we think Pets Best offers some of the most comprehensive coverage around.

They are one of the few providers that offers the option for unlimited annual coverage with no caps, for example.

They also offer several ways to tailor your policy and deductibles as low as $50.

If you want to take care of your pet, the best you can but worry about surprise vet bills, buying a policy from Pets Best or another provider is a great way to budget for pet care and hedge your bets against costs caused by injury or illness.

If you want to find out more or see how much a Pets Best policy would cost for your pet, take time to get a free quote today.

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